Hot Smoked Smoking Chips Sampler

Hot Smoked Smoking Chips Sampler

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Experiment with hot smoking on your BBQ with our Smoking Chips Sampler box. This six pack of smoking woods covers the full smoke flavour spectrum from strong to subtle giving you just the right wood smoke flavour for most foods. All you need is a handful of smoking chips, wrap in a foil pouch and place directly on your heat source – charcoal or gas. As the chips heat up they will release their delicious smoky flavour, infusing your food as it gently cooks.

Beautifully packaged in a kraft box with an information packed printed sleeve, the Smoking Chips Sampler includes six of our most popular wood smoke flavours:

Beech – a mild and nutty smoke for delicate flavoured foods such as seafood and vegetables

Alder – a light and subtle flavour for fish, chicken, pork and vegetables

Cherry – a medium smoke flavour for lamb, turkey and fruits

Maple – a mellow medium strength smoke for pork, hams, chicken and trout

Apple – a medium strong smoke for meats, chicken and vegetables

Oak – a strong smoke flavour for all red meats, game, salmon and mackerel

Included with the woods is a postcard with flavour notes and directions for use.

The chips are totally pure, natural hardwood or fruitwood species which are sourced sustainably and produced specifically for food smoking. Packed in 150g weights, the chips are typically 6 to 10 mm in size, ideal for all bbqs, smokers and ceramic grills. Store in a cool dry place and they will last for at least 2 years.

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