Hot Smoked Smoke, Whisky & Wine in a Box

Hot Smoked Smoke, Whisky & Wine in a Box

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Bring some rich, decadent wood flavours to your BBQ with this mix of Whisky Barrel Oak chips, and Cabernet Oak chips packed into a stainless steel smoker box along with our  ‘Light My Fire’ matches, and a 4 page leaflet with directions and useful tips and techniques.

Just add a handful of your choice of chips to the smoker box, place the box on your bbq heat source, charcoal or gas, keep the heat low and gentle, add your food, close the lid and cook slowly. The results will be mouthwatering, tender and juicy with a subtle smokiness. These smoking wood chips are perfect with BBQ favourites beef, pork and chicken but also delicious with hot smoked salmon, vegetables and fruits.

Each bag of approximately 125g of chips will give you plenty of smoky goodness for a hot smoking recipe. Reseal the bags to keep in the whisky and wine flavours and keep in a cool dry place. Use your smoker box again and again for a wide range of hot smoking projects.

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