Hot Smoked Hickory Smoking Chips

Hot Smoked Hickory Smoking Chips

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Hickory delivers a strong wood smoke flavour which is rounded and mellow at the same time. It works very well with pork including classic pulled pork and bacon, but because it is robust without bitterness it will also work with other strong flavoured foods such as mackerel, beef and try too with nuts and garlic. The Hickory pack features a recipe for Hot Smoked Mackerel, the most delicious way to cook freshly caught fish and a recipe which can be applied to other whole of fish fillets.

The chips are 6 to 10mm in size and ideal for use in a regular BBQ, smoker or any grill with a lid and ventilation. Add to white hot coals or protect in a smoker box. As they heat up their aromatic flavours are released infusing lovely smoky flavours into your food.

Pack size is H 200 x W 120 x D 65 mm and weight approximately 400g giving you enough smoking chips for around 3 to 4 smoking projects.

Hot Smoked wood chips are 100% natural hardwood or fruitwood, sourced sustainably from managed woodlands and produced specifically for food use. The cardboard packaging is fully recyclable. Store in a cool dry place and your wood chips will be great for smoking for up to 2 years.

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