Hot Smoked Fruitwoods Selection Box

Hot Smoked Fruitwoods Selection Box

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This collection of fruitwood smoking chips is teamed with a selection of tasty hot smoking vegetarian and vegan recipes, because BBQ isn’t just about meat! Included are Pear, Apricot, Apple and Cherry pure fruitwood chips, each delivering a subtly different smoky flavour to your outdoor cooking. Use on a regular BBQ, gas or charcoal, or smoker to experiment with hot smoking. Equally delicious with meats, poultry and fish.

The woods are labelled with botanically inspired illustrations and gift boxed along with our ‘Light My Fire’ matches and a 4 page recipe leaflet with directions, tips & techniques together with a selection of plant based BBQ recipes including Apple smoked Hasselback Sweet Potatoes, Cherry smoked Rainbow Stir Fry, Pear smoked Courgettes, Asparagus and Mini Gems.

The woods are supplied in 200g pack weights and the chips are a 6 to 10mm size, perfect for hot smoking on a BBQ or smoker, charcoal or gas. Just add a handful of your choice of chips into a homemade foil pouch (or smoker box if you have one) and place directly on your heat source once open flames have died back and, keeping the heat medium to low, closed your BBQ lid and cook gently. The food will be infused with smoky flavours as they cook.

All Hot Smoked woods are 100% natural and sourced sustainably from managed European orchards. They are produced specifically for food use and if stored in a cool dry place will last for at least 2 years. The gift box measures L24 x W24 x H5 cm

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