Hot Smoked Beech Smoking Chips

Hot Smoked Beech Smoking Chips

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Beech is a one of our favourite wood smoking flavours. It is a light, mild hardwood with a slightly nutty flavour and a subtle companion to more delicate flavoured foods including poultry and fish. Its a great alternative to oak for salmon. The beech pack includes a recipe for hot smoked courgettes, asparagus and mini gems, a veggie classic which can be adapted to a wider range of fruits and vegetables, not forgetting meats!

The chips are 6 to 10mm in size and ideal for use in a regular BBQ, smoker or any grill with a lid and ventilation. Add to white hot coals or protect in a smoker box. As they heat up their aromatic flavours are released infusing lovely smoky flavours into your food.

Pack size is H 200 x W 120 x D 65 mm and weight approximately 400g giving you enough smoking chips for around 3 to 4 smoking projects.

Hot Smoked wood chips are 100% natural hardwood or fruitwood, sourced sustainably from managed woodlands and produced specifically for food use. The cardboard packaging is fully recyclable. Store in a cool dry place and your wood chips will be great for smoking for up to 2 years.

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