Artesa Slate 24cm Heart Slate Platter

Artesa Slate 24cm Heart Slate Platter

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The Artesà Heart-Shaped Slate Platter is the perfect way to present a romantic meal for two, or to showcase a lovingly prepared dish at a dinner party. With its natural rustic edges and cute heart shape, it's sure to make a great impression.

Measuring 25 cm (10 inches) across, this slate platter is the ideal size for serving main courses or desserts. It’s 100 per cent food safe, so you can serve your dishes straight from the slate.

It has limitless potential for creative serving setups. Why not make it part of an attention-grabbing centrepiece by serving a spread of antipasti dishes, entrées, canapés, cheeses or petit fours?

The platter's size also makes it good as a placemat. It's big enough to accommodate dinner plates, dishes or bowls.

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